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8 September 2023


Lot was said about the trends inability to sustain at higher levels but the positive cheer displayed by the markets indicate that the steady consolidation at higher levels indicate that the trends would sustain.

Lot was said about the trends inability to sustain at higher levels but the positive cheer displayed by the markets indicate that the steady consolidation at higher levels indicate that the trends would sustain. After holding around 19200 zone the rebound from where the markets showed some positive traction despite steady profit booking received at higher levels. The buying interest emerging at lower levels indicate that the trends in this index were focused on heading higher.

With RBI to discontinue incremental cash reserve ratio in a phased manner it has triggered some positive vibes in the banking space. However, it seems to have not created a stir. Now, it would be interesting to see how the markets absorb the global cues and also address the domestic volatility. With the bullish bias continuing to hold we should be looking at a mix of breakout and dip buy strategies. In this issue we have featured – PERSISTENT SYSTEMS, LUPIN, PRINCE PIPE, HERITAGE FOODS.

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C K Narayan will identify trading opportunities with prospect of high potential in stocks, stock futures and options, index futures and options. This service will also highlight profitable tradable situations in the Currency and Commodity markets. The trading calls and follow up calls will be rendered through SMS for timely action.
Follow up SMS may be sent if and when there is any change in the advised content of earlier messages. (The SMS will mention entry price range, stop loss levels and the expected target zones)

  • Book Profit in NIFTY around 7510 Book profit in 1 lot and revise stop to cost for next
  • Exit AXISBANK near 404
  • BUY HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM CORP Jan 1 lot BTST near 883.50 with stoploss of 871.00 for a target of 898.00
  • BUY BAJAJ AUTO LIMITED Jan 1 lot [Intraday] near 2378.00 with stoploss of 2360.00 for a target of 2405.00
  • BUY TRIGYN TECH [Investment] near 103.70 with stoploss of 100.00 for a target of 110.00
  • SELL NIITTECH [IntraCash] near 555.35 with stoploss of 561.00 for a target of 546.00

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12 August, 2021
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The weekly roundup report will provide detailed insights on the current and future market trends. It will outline the trading opportunities in the week ahead.

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Dr C K Narayan is a veteran of stock market and is a research analyst registered with SEBI (SEBI Registration No. INH000001964). In his 40 years of experience he has dealt with major market movements and hence is well versed with strategies to get the best out of them. As Head of the derivatives desk at ICICI Securities he handled major financial institutions and FIIs.

His varied business experience from smallest retail client to large FII clients gives him unique insights into the workings of the market. His views are much sought after and he has been featured as an expert market commentator on television and print media. He has also trained thousands of technical analysts across the country.

In his analysis services, Dr C K Narayan uses a unique combination of simple trend following techniques as well as the complex world of Gann and Elliot wave methods in addition to using trading systems created from proprietary algorithms.

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Brief note on how to interpret the Mailer »

Brief note on how to interpret the Trading Calls

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b) Views on Equity ,Currency and Commodity are covered with suitable recommendations.

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Bank Nifty: Buoyed by all-round participation

  • 14.42 PM

    Bank Nifty: Buoyed by all-round participation


    The bullish bias never deserted the market , it just went undercover to resurface quite strongly last week. The resumption of the uptrend has brought the docile sector Bank Nifty back into the limelight. After the strong surge in Bank Nifty on the day of the election results way back on  May 16 a clear trend could not emerge unlike the Nifty or CNX IT. Despite several attempts the trend slipped into some congestion till last week it managed to shrug the old self and reclaim some lost ground. Nifty had been moving steadily higher but was unable to really show some aggression till it received strong support  from all key sectors to  positively close above 7900.


    The momentum in Nifty is holding steady and is now heading higher beyond 8000 in the coming week. Higher levels attract volatility and  with a short week as well as an expiry unfolding this week one can expect markets to witness some robust action.  Nifty trades can be pursued at current levels and on decline towards 7875 keeping 7850 as the stop as we step into the week. The market continues to reward a buy on decline approach and hence one should continue to participate in this manner. Bank Nifty offers more room for a trade and  in comparison is better placed to move higher and should be considered for a move towards 16100 in the coming week .One could initiate  a position in this trade with a stop below 16700.

    Banks and interest rate sensitive counters will be the beneficiary of the surprise move seen in banking. With the Finance ministry approving a draft for creation of a holding structure for state run banks for their long term capital needs the PSU banks are in demand. With the trends just emerged in this sector one can expect that the momentum shall sustain this week too. SBI and PNB have witnessed some robust volumes amongst the Public Sector Banks while Kotak and HDFC Bank have seen a fair bit of traction amongst the Private Sector. With some cheer spreading to this sector the financial counters  too saw some demand picking up.

    With bullish momentum play and all declines witnessing steady buying action the stocks are witnessing some robust action.  Adopting a mix of breakout and support buy strategy some stocks have been selected for the forthcoming week with a trading mindset.
    HAVELLS Cmp 1262.45
    After a sharp upthrust few days back this counter did not really continue the trend , however the steady consolidation at higher levels suggests that there is strong possibility of the prices rising higher. The momentum too is not showing any signs of weakness hence we can initiate a buying opportunity above 1270 with a stop below 1250 for a rise towards 1300 in the coming week .


    The bullish bias in this setup does not seem to recede. After a strong pullback the strong buying interest emerged at lower levels thereby pushing the prices to test the value area around 510. The daily chart attached show that the value area resistance is being tested. With a bullish sentiment in progress one should watch out for this resistance to be broken which would present a buying opportunity above 510 with a stop below 500 for a rise to 525.

    TECH MAHINDRA Cmp 2307.50
    CNX IT at a new high and one of its top performing counters TECHM  witnessed its best performing week as can be seen from the weekly chart attached. The sharp rise above its previous lackluster weeks suggest that the trend in this counter is getting set for some strong upside . The RSI too has inched up above 70 suggesting that the bullish momentum has gathered pace. Look to go long above 2310 and on decline towards 2275 maintaining a stop below 2250 for  arise towards 2375.

    SBI Cmp 2522.50
    Banks have finally struck a chord and have begun to warm up.With the renewed enthusiasm in PSU banks this PSU banking major seems to be witnessing some strong participation. The long term trensdline support fuelled with the overall bullish sentiment makes this counter a strong banking contender for this week. Look to go long above 2530 and on declines bnear 2490 with a stop below 2460 for a rise to 2650 in the coming days.

    The sudden emergence of some trended action in the Commodities space has generated some interest across all counters. The active movement in the global counterparts has also fueled suddenly seems to have produced some trended action.
    COPPER  : Signs of reversal

    Chinese PMI dipped to a 3 month low in August and being a major player in Metals one would have expected the repercussions to take effect on the prices. However the news was totally ignored as prices managed to reclaim the gap region highlighted in the chart below to stage a breakout. The momentum too seems to have revived and with the expiry coming up this week one can expect some rollover action to take place thereby producing some volatility in this commodity.  A sustained move above 430 would be an invitation to go long for a rise to 440. Any decline towards 425 levels can also be considered for adding to existing position with a stop below 420.

    USDINR: At a tipping point


    The measures taken by RBI combined with global decline in gold and oil prices helped the rupee stabilize leading to sharp appreciation in USDINR last week. This resulted in a positive impact on the equities markets as well thereby sustaining the bullish sentiment. On the daily time frame we observe that the prices have declined into the previous congestion area where we observe other sets of supports that could result in USDINR to rally. With intraday timeframes showing divergences one can expect an interim bounce in the coming week . The crucial point on the way down will be around 60.43 a breach of which could see some sharp declines towards 59.70 emerging. One could look to add to the existing short USDINR position if there is breach of the support levels mentioned with a sizeable decline in the offing.

    Review of Recommended Trades

    Security Segment Trade Status Comment
    Nifty Index Buy above 7800 stop 7730 target 8000 In Profit Nifty traded higher to move towards our target and closed at 7930 where one could have booked some profits. Revise stop to 7850 for pending positions
    Sesa Sterlite Equity Buy above 290 stop 284 target 301. Achieved Metals saw some revival in trends leading to the targets being achieved.
    Cipla Equity Buy at current levels and on decline towards 442 with a stop below 438 for a rise to 464. Achieved Sharp momentum in pharma helped this counter move much beyond our targets.
    Bajaj Auto Equity Sell below 2100 for a drop to 2030 .The stop on this position can be maintained above 2130. Not Triggered This trade did not trigger as the supports managed to push this counter higher.
    TCS Equity a short below  2470 with stop above 2505 target 2405. Neutral As IT showed some signs of exhaustion last week this counter did move lower to about 2435 where one could have booked some profits.
    Crude Oil Commodity Go short at current levels and on rally towards 5950 with a  stop above 6000 for a drop towards 5650. Achieved The sharp decline in Crude oil helped us achieve our targets.
    Copper Commodity Go short at current levels and on rally towards 422 with a  stop above 425 for a drop towards 405. Stopped The trade declined marginally and then rebounded triggering our stoploss indicated.
    USDINR Currency Sell below 60.70 with a stop above 61 for a drop to 60. In Profit USDINR appreciated and went below levels indicated to close at 60.51. One can hold with a  revised stop at 60.70

    In Profit Trades that have moved beyond levels indicated and are in profitable position
    Achieved Trades that have achieved the targets indicated
    Not Triggered Trades that did not been initiated.
    Neutral Trades that are near the initiation levels
    Stopped Trades that triggered the stop indicated

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