G20 Summit 2023: Millet-inspired menu for global leaders

G20 Summit 2023: Millet-inspired menu for global leaders

Moneycontrol News September 10, 2023

The highly-anticipated G20 Summit is currently taking place in Delhi and the Capital has hosted global leaders with much fervour.

In terms of food, luxury hotels in Delhi have curated menus crafted around millets, celebrating the International Year of Millets.

Chef Arun Sundararaj, Director of Culinary Operations at the Taj Mahal Hotel, prepared a millet-powered culinary adventure for the delegates that included Millet Nargisi Kofta, lamb and little millet stew and millet pulao, among other dishes.

Breakfast included healthy options like Ragi idli and millet pancakes.

The menu also included a dish called Millet Nargisi Kofta in the main course.

Murgh badam and amaranth korma, lamb and little millet soup and caramelised onion and cumin millet pulao were also some main dishes.

Wild rice and pearl millet mousse and orange quinoa and little millet kheer are being served for desserts.

The in-room platters include assorted choco bon bon, pista and pumpkin roll, kaju katli, gulkand rose ladoo, oat and chocolate granola bars and naan khatai cookies, among others.

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