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Silver Prices in India: All you need to know about investment, hallmarking and imports Just like gold, silver is also among the most-purchased and preferred investment options in India. Silver is purchased in different forms including silver coins, bars, jewellery, idols, and utensils, among other items. Before investing in silver, it is important to know the current silver rate and further keep track of the market conditions. Apart from the market condition, one must also know about the factors concerning the purity of the silver, the authenticity of the seller, and the standards for determining weight. If you’re planning to invest in silver, here's what you need to know.

As per the latest numbers, the silver rate in India stands at Rs 70.9 per gram and Rs 70,900 per kg. The prices are updated every day, at par with industry standards.

Silver Rate (Sep 09, 2023 & Sep 08, 2023)

GramSep 09, 2023Sep 08, 2023Price Change
1 Gram₹ 77₹ 78₹ 1
10 Gram₹ 770₹ 775₹ 5
100 Gram₹ 7,700₹ 7,750₹ 50


Like gold prices, silver prices in India are also affected by a number of factors like demand, global market movement, political factors, and government policies.

Demand: During festive and wedding seasons, the demand for purchasing precious metals like gold and silver rises significantly, thus leaving a major impact on their prices.

Global market: While silver is considered to be a safer option for investors due to its less volatility, the global market movement also affects the price of silver in India. A drop in oil prices and the dollar usually causes a rise in silver prices. For example, if Rupee falls against the Dollar and the international prices are stable, silver is expected to become costlier inIndia.

Political factors and government policies: Global political factors and a number of government policies also affect silver prices in India as any kind of change leads to a global impact, thus playing a role in silver prices.

As on Sep 09, 2023

City NameStandard Silver Rate
Change from the previous day
1 Gram8 Grams
Agra₹ 77₹ 616
Ahmedabad₹ 77₹ 616
Bangalore₹ 77₹ 616
Bhilai₹ 77₹ 616
Bhopal₹ 77₹ 616
Bhubaneswar₹ 77₹ 616
Chandigarh₹ 77₹ 616
Chennai₹ 77₹ 616
Coimbatore₹ 77₹ 616
Dehradun₹ 77₹ 616
Faridabad₹ 77₹ 616
Ghaziabad₹ 77₹ 616
Guntur₹ 77₹ 616
Gurgaon₹ 77₹ 616
Guwahati₹ 77₹ 616
Hyderabad₹ 77₹ 616
Indore₹ 77₹ 616
Jabalpur₹ 77₹ 616
Jaipur₹ 77₹ 616
Jodhpur₹ 77₹ 616
Kanpur₹ 77₹ 616
Kolkata₹ 77₹ 616
Kota₹ 77₹ 616
Kozhikode₹ 77₹ 616
Lucknow₹ 77₹ 616
Ludhiana₹ 77₹ 616
Madurai₹ 77₹ 616
Mumbai₹ 77₹ 616
Mysore₹ 77₹ 616
Nagpur₹ 77₹ 616
Noida₹ 77₹ 616
Panaji₹ 77₹ 616
Patna₹ 77₹ 616
Pune₹ 77₹ 616
Raipur₹ 77₹ 616
Ranchi₹ 77₹ 616
Shimla₹ 77₹ 616
Surat₹ 77₹ 616
Thrissur₹ 77₹ 616
Udaipur₹ 77₹ 616
Vadodara₹ 77₹ 616
Vijayawada₹ 77₹ 616
Visakhapatnam₹ 77₹ 616
Warangal₹ 77₹ 616
Assam₹ 77₹ 616
Haryana₹ 77₹ 616
Jammu and kashmir₹ 77₹ 616
Rajasthan₹ 77₹ 616
Telangana₹ 77₹ 616
West bengal₹ 77₹ 616
Andhra pradesh₹ 77₹ 616
Bihar₹ 77₹ 616
Gujarat₹ 77₹ 616
Maharashtra₹ 77₹ 616
Kerala₹ 77₹ 616
Karnataka₹ 77₹ 616
Punjab₹ 77₹ 616
Odisha₹ 77₹ 616
Uttar pradesh₹ 77₹ 616
Chhattisgarh₹ 77₹ 616
Jharkhand₹ 77₹ 616
Madhya pradesh₹ 77₹ 616
Tamil nadu₹ 77₹ 616
Uttarakhand₹ 77₹ 616
Himachal pradesh₹ 77₹ 616
Goa₹ 77₹ 616
Delhi₹ 77₹ 616
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Silver rates: On the basis of international market prices, silver rates also change on a regular basis. This is why it is important to keep track of silver prices to buy them at the best rates.

Making charges: Just like gold, jewellers may levy making charges on silver jewellery or cutlery. Therefore, it is important to ask directly about the applied making charges to the jewellers.

Sellers: People need to research the sellers before purchasing silver to ensure that they buy genuine products with verified purity. This will not only provide them with good quality silver but will also help them to get the best resale value of silver.

Certification: While buying silver, it is important to check the certification of the jewellery or the other items.

Is investing in silver a bad or good idea?
While the cost of silver is far lesser than gold in India, it is still a safe option for investment. Reselling silver jewellery, cutlery, coins, or bars will help get better returns, based on the current market prices.

How to Differentiate Between Pure Silver and Sterling Silver?
Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver and is soft in comparison to sterling silver. Sterling on the other hand is an alloy that is made mostly of silver and includes a small percentage of copper and zinc to strengthen it. While both of these look almost the same, silver is not very durable due to softness and sterling silver can last a lifetime if properly cared for. On the other hand, sterling silver is more easily tarnished than pure silver, because of the other metals in it.


DateStandard Silver Rate
10 Grams
Sep 09, 2023₹ 770
Sep 08, 2023₹ 775
Sep 07, 2023₹ 775
Sep 06, 2023₹ 785
Sep 05, 2023₹ 790
Sep 04, 2023₹ 800
Sep 03, 2023₹ 800
Sep 02, 2023₹ 800
Sep 01, 2023₹ 807
Aug 31, 2023₹ 807



Quantity (gram)


  • As on Sep 09, 2023

    Sep 09, 2023 Gold Rate Per Gram

  • 22 Carat (1 gram)
    ₹ 5,578
  • 22 Carat (10 gram)
    ₹ 55,780
  • 24 Carat (1 gram)
    ₹ 5,857
  • 24 Carat (10 gram)
    ₹ 58,570
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Silver Rate In India FAQs

Why is the silver rate increasing?

Global market fluctuations and inappropriate or unstable demand and supply ratios can lead to an increase in silver rates, thus impacting silver prices in India.

Silver coins/bars are considered a good investment option, why?

In comparison to silver jewellery, silver coins or bars are significantly heavier and more durable. Thus, buying silver coins or bars can assure a better return and resale value.

Where to buy silver bars in India?

One can purchase silver bars from banks, certified jewellers, and online agents in India. Customers need to note that banks usually charge higher rates, in comparison to jewellery shops because of the purity checks and assurance that they provide.

What is hallmarking?

Hallmarking is essential for ensuring the purity of the silver that you are purchasing. It is used as a seal of purity.

What are the benefits of buying hallmarked bullion?

Considered a purity indicator, while hallmarking is not yet mandatory for silver, getting it done will help ensure that your purchase meets certain quality standards.

When is the best time to buy silver?

The best time to buy silver is during festive or wedding seasons, as jewellers often provide exciting offers and discounts on purchases.

Do I have to pay tax on my silver purchase?

VAT and GST are usually charged on both the purchase and sale of silver in India.

How much silver am I permitted to own in India?

While there are no such regulations over the limit of owning silver in India, the government does charge certain taxes after a certain purchase limit is crossed.

Does India import silver?

India is among the world’s biggest silver importers. According to a government statement, India imported nearly 245 billion Indian rupees worth of silver in FY 2022.

How to invest in silver?

People can opt for a number of ways to invest in silver in India. From purchasing silver jewellery to buying silver coins, and bars, and investing in the Commodity Futures Exchange, there are a lot of options. While silver jewellery is usually purchased for personal use, investments in coins and bars are often by banks and institutions for official purposes. Similarly, professional investors opt for investment in the Commodity Futures Exchange, while keeping an eye on the market.


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