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LIVE: Morocco earthquake death toll over 2000 | IN-ME-EU Corridor in Focus | Djokovic wins US Open

In today's edition of Newspresso here's what you can look forward to. From global news updates; a 6.8-magnitude earthquake hit Morocco on Friday. Many residents in Morocco's historic city of Marrakesh have been left homeless after a powerful earthquake. Moving on to India Insights big news coming in from G20 Summit where PM Modi unveiled a connectivity corridor for economic integration between India, the Middle East and Europe. And moving on to the trends sector Djokovic won the US Open title. This is his fourth US Open title and 24th Grand Slam title. For more watch this edition of Newspresso with Stacy Pereira only on Moneycontrol.

first published: Sep 11, 2023 08:06 am


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