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About All1ove


I wanted to start this business to share what has kept my well being as a sensitive soul in this matrix world we live in. Nature has been my relief, and I have wandered to many places in the world without a plan and received lessons and support relying on the trust of my journey without a title for what I do . I am in service to the Goddess and now I have collected tools I wish to share. ALL1OVE  is evolving and will continue to evolve as I build more relationships with the plants 


We are at a time when the Earths healing energy needs to be shared so we can form a deeper respect , and bond.  The world of plants is like a tarot deck, each plant that calls out to us has a messege,  a specific form of healing for our personal journey and where we're at in it..


Each flower essence is meditated with and journeyed to its offering of healing,-represented through symbols, animals, or feelings. This is how I figure out the ailments of what it remedies.