Balance your ego with flower essences

Celosia Flower


Your soul has a message to share with the world. You don't have to be an actor or have 10,000 followers , you are free to speak your truth no matter what size the audience. Perhaps your ego doesn't feel measured up to share your experience or you just feel above it all.. either way Celosia will help you stand out just like the Toucan and shine without having an inflated ego. 

Celosia is a Greek word for "burning", like the flame in your soul to carry out its message!

Another name for Celosia is "cock´s comb."  Yesss!! A proud cock knows when its time to wake up the people. This soft spiky fluff flame shaped flower also combs the ego's flowers, a healthy ego is necessary to be captivating, confident and to deliver you r catalog of revelations with integrity. The Celosia flower essence brings sensitivity to say your words in a way that is fitting to the audience.   

The Celosia flower also implies that you can share these messages no matter your circumstances , your current state , or the amount of people listening, it is your experience that needs to be shared. Even if you are in the thick of a predicament, you are relatable and there is no finish line in which to pass to communicate your experience.

You are free to share your experience

Being comfortable in small spaces

Balance the ego

Communicate in the midst of your process

How to stay motivated using flower essence

Yucca Bellflower

Yucca bellflower is from the agave family, tequila baby heyy ! but no this agave blooms soft white tulip flowers that hang down like drunk flowers. You know the drunk excitement when you have an amazing idea enter, the yucca can extend that excitement into commitment.

Called a BELLflower for its bell shape and like a bell it rings inspiration into your consciousness   The bellflower keeps the idea's potency alive so you can take baby steps, knowing the fruit this  will reap in the future. Let go of being overwhelmed of future and just maintain your will for progress now. Set your current attention on the present fulfillment in the journey, your heart engaged in trust and your soul's courage of shining.

long term vision,present acceptance, focus, excitement on progress

salvia sage flower essence and spiritual meaning

Salvia Sage


Salivia Sage is a member of the mint family and not to be confused with the salvia that makes you trip. This salvia makes you heal. The genus name comes from the Latin word salveo meaning to save or heal 

Salvia sage shovels away deep seated stories that no longer serve you. just like when you sage out your house to clear out any stale energies

salvia sage gives the feeling of a fresh start 

It lets the history dissipate with grace, also providing insights from these records you have held. The companionship of this wisdom brings relief and insight into your lower belly.

now your intuition is your source of referral, and not a past story.

there is No shame in rising up in less than ideal situations ,Take responsibility for your gut awareness, you have powerful protection as you are in any environment. there is still softness in your strength. 

Flower meaning: I embrace deep knowing and clear away debris from the past

How to protect your energy with flowers



Hollyhock is in the same family as hibiscus yet grows straight up like a fence, a protective fortress. where your hand goes up gently to say, enough. Hollyhock marks where the private property begins.

It is our own journey into the tunnel of our core. we finally get to resonate with our internal strength. Its almost overwhelming this strength that lets go of false dilemmas and aligns us with our efficient course of divine action already taking place. Hollyhock's flower meaning brings our attention back to this steady stream of flow already coursing through our veins. 

Tough stalks of fiber with soft flexible petals and far reaching receptors. How better to represent a strong entity rooted with integrity, feeling

connected, yet unfixed, speaking with softness; Hollyhock flower essence.

My mind is in tune with the divine course of action, determined by my integrity and pursuit of passion


Hawthorne berry heart medicine

Hawthorne Berry

Heart Navigator

Hawthorne tree has a cactus like vibe of its own, with long camouflaged spikes. It in the rose family and has a slender trunk with long leafy branches and hard red berries that come in late summer/early fall.

The European variety where this medicine is from has 1 seed which offers so much potency this tiny little fruit.  

"Heart"thorne, is a heart medicine, and is very subtle in the way it soothes the mind. The heart has an intelligence that is often ignored, maybe from lack of practice of listening to it, or just not knowing how to access its voice. Yet its like the mystery of the dessert, a vastness that speaks with knowing and feeling, void of distractions. How does life survive in a baren land? The Hawthorne is built like a wifi tower, to give you reception to your heart, and access in the great expansion of your whole self.

With the Hawthorne you get space in between actions, thoughts and beliefs forming. Heart territory offers stillness in the navigation of unexplored dimensions, where you're listening to your heart rather than all the reasons of the mind. 

Carrying in its essence the great expansion of the self;  the relief of being you, and realizing you don`t have to believe the mind.

Participate in life in a more heart centered role, Maintain your wonder without feeling lost

This medicine is for you are a super thinker and are unable to access the heart space, maybe due to the city  or duties, feeling obligations more than love integrating into your life.  Apprehensive when it comes to trusting your heart or even knowing what that feels like..where to start on this journey when there is so much to do, gift yourself space.


Alfalfa Sativa

Finally having Enough

Alfalfa sativa is a common meadow weed that grows like dandelions.  sativa is for those who always seems to be on a mission or have a hunger to satisfy..

they worry there may not be enough for the next time, so they keep focused on the "next one" the propellers on the plane are spinning but you dont take off..because your always climbing the ladder.

like the apex of the pyramid, sativa is the top point,

having enough

The Apex of the Pyramid

I will always have enough, life offers me the higher solutions